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PGS Accelerated Reading Program Guidelines

1.       All students should take the STAR Reading Test to determine what their reading range is.  Students should be reading books in their reading range.

            If students are unable to take the STAR Reading test, then they should begin reading the red dot books and may move to a higher level when his/her accuracy rate is consistently above 85%.

      Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time from the library.  Students should only be allowed to check out books once a day so they need to make their time in the library count.  There should not be multiple trips back and forth to the library any given day unless the librarian has asked them to return for some reason.

$      As long as students are reading in their reading range, the point level of the books in not a concern unless the book is so long that the student would not be able to retain what the student has read and successfully take an AR test.

$      If students test on books below their reading range, those tests will be deleted from their AR record.

  .       If students test on books above their reading range and do poorly, those tests can be deleted from their AR record for the first book.  Students who want to read books above their reading range need to check with their teacher before taking an AR test.  Repeatedly reading books above your reading range and doing poorly on AR tests will lower students overall comprehension rate.

$       If students are caught cheating on a test or have given others information in order to pass their tests, their tests will be deleted from their AR record.

$      At the end of the school year, certificates will be awarded to students who have earned their AR points each required quarter AND have met the following goals:

1st and 2nd grade students – 40 points for the year (10 points per quarter)

3rd and 4th grade students – 50 points for the year (12.5 points per quarter)

5th and 6th grade students – 75 points for the year (18.75 points per quarter)

7th and 8th grade students – 100 points for the year (25 points per quarter)

Students should also have an 85% overall comprehension rate.  Achieving point totals without reaching the comprehension goal will not be rewarded.











































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